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When choosing the right avenues for digital marketing, you’re not limited to your current customers. There are many tools available for reaching new clients as well. This applies to content marketing, social media marketing and email marketing. Inbound leads are cost effective, so it makes sense to increase the tools you’re using to attract clients. Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences tool is one of those amazing opportunities. What is it and how does it work?

What Is Facebook Lookalike Audiences?

This Facebook feature allows you to create targeted advertising campaigns for people you’ve never met before or marketed to. Think of it as email marketing 2.0. Instead of focusing solely on your past clients, a lookalike audience lets you market to people who share the same interests or behaviors.

Facebook lets you use this tool with custom audiences. This can include website visitors, past conversions and email lists. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can create a secondary audience that matches the first in many aspects. Then you’re ready to take marketing to the next step.

How Do Lookalike Audiences Work?

Imagine a pair of identical twins. Technically they’re two different people, but their interests are so similar that they probably behave alike in most of their decisions. This includes the type of music they enjoy, the type of vehicle they drive and the overall kinds of products they buy.

Now imagine that one of the two twins is your customer. You have extensive records about the kinds of things they’ve purchased from you in the past. Put simply, you know what they like and what they’re most likely to buy.

Can this information help you market to twin number two? Absolutely. Even though this individual has never bought anything from you, you’re almost guaranteed to attract attention by marketing the same products that twin number one likes. That’s how a lookalike audience can help you sell products more effectively — by targeting people who are similar to your ideal customer.

What Are the Advantages of Creating a Lookalike Audience?

When you use a lookalike audience, it provides many benefits for your company. For one thing, it saves you money. Why invest tons of capital generating new leads when you can essentially duplicate your customer list in a flash? With a lookalike audience, you can access Facebook’s valuable database to find people with the same lifestyle and interests as your bottom-of-the-funnel customers. Not only are you saving money, you’re also marketing directly to the best potential clients possible.

Getting started with Lookalike Audiences isn’t difficult, but it helps to have professionals by your side.