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You hear a lot of information about marketing to millennials and how they tick. However, what about Generation Z? On the surface, Gen Z and millennials may seem similar, but if you look deeper, you will probably see the differences between these two generations – these are the things that are important to marketers and things you can’t afford to ignore.

Some tips that will help any marketer effectively reach Gen Z can be found below.

Sell Experiences Rather Than Products

People in Gen Z are not interested in hard sales. That’s because they grew up without the internet. This means they are immune to some more obvious marketing campaigns. They aren’t interested in hearing about why your products are so amazing. Instead, they want to know how what you offer will benefit them. Specifically, what experience does your product offer?

Approximately 25% of what you should sell is the actual product. The other 75% is the intangible feeling that will come when the product is used.

Use Video

Posting engaging and interesting video content is essential. YouTube is the first platform that many members of Gen Z are using when they look for entertainment or want to be cheered up.

However, that isn’t the only thing they are using YouTube for. Many people use this platform for expanding their knowledge, gaining new skills, and taking a break from life’s stresses. Now is the time to implement video into your marketing efforts if you are trying to reach Gen Z members.

Rethink Your Influencer Campaign

While it may be tempting to partner with celebrities, for most brands, this isn’t reality. The good news is this isn’t a bad thing. If you want to go through the influencer route, try to find micro-influencers instead. This is anyone with a following between 1K and 100K on social media. They often drive more engagement than celebrities because Gen Z “relates” to them.

Take Steps to Appeal to Gen Z

If you want to appeal to Gen Z, you may have to adjust your marketing efforts. With the tips and information here, you can find marketing efforts that will appeal to these people and help ensure they engage with your product and what you offer. In the long run, by targeting this generation of buyers, you can enjoy the improved engagement and other benefits that come with targeting different groups of people of various ages.